weecazillac (__cazzy__) wrote in x____contagious,

im being nice enough to not tag. DONT post them everywhere without credit or i'll be hella pissed.
p.s keep a look out for the dude with the red/maroon shirt =D

sorry that one is so dark

ny favourite picture of the whole day/of all time is...

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Thoses pics are awesome! Looks like you have a wicked time.

haha Pete!! that was soo good when pete came on with them....and his stage dive was well good!

P.S. im pretty sure i saw you walking round with a youngish lad towards the end of the day..not that it will help seeing as soo many people were there. Im so suprised how big fftl are over there compaired to how many people were at the uk shows. The one i went to there were only like 3 rows of people at the front


July 25 2005, 18:25:41 UTC 11 years ago

he was wearing a green day t-shirt?
it was grey if you cant remember
but that was probably me yeah!
i cant remeber but im postive it was you lol

I'll have to post my fftl pics from the Ventura date...got some pretty cool pics, now i just need to find my cam cable
mine is permanently attatched to the computer :D
Mine was along with my mp4 player cable untill i went to cali and my mum cleaned my room and moved everything now i cant find it :(
=( i hope you find it soon.

i should upload my armor for sleep pics, you can see matt standing in the background in some of them, but me being a ditz deleted loads cause you couldnt see matt properly, forgetting they were my best ones of AFS
I only took pics of fftl and hidden in plain view haha i was gonna take pics when i went to see i am the avalanche but this guy i knew took loads instead and said he would send them me when he gets home but he lost his cam at san fran airport...gutted!

I have some awesome pics of afs when thye played over here...didnt see them over there tho!

im gonna look for my cable now...wants my pics!!
found my cable..yay!

post all of them (theres quiet a few) or just a few good ones?
all of them would be great
okies i'll just upload them to the net then post them when im done

Okay I'm done. Yeah and the picture of you and Derek made me smile.


July 25 2005, 18:26:45 UTC 11 years ago

that comment made me smile :D thankies
that comment made me smile :D thankies
cor blimey! Travis! :o *jaw drops* i fucking love that 3rd one down of matt...haha the lovable doofus! <333
that picture cracks me up all the time... and the pic where matt just turns as though trying to say look at my ass
...and boy am i looking... o_o
i'll bet you are :D


August 2 2005, 01:57:20 UTC 11 years ago

those are amazing pictures.
and yeah I'd definantly think that if I got a picture with derek it'd be my favorite picture of all time.


August 2 2005, 01:59:29 UTC 11 years ago

WHOA. and is that pete in the maroon shirt? it looks like him...
yup it's pete