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i dont know if you've seen...

there was a mini interview thing on dvd launch


that's the link
the girl that gave me the link said she couldn't hear it
so i typed it up for anyone that can't hear it
(the # is at the end of the link so you might need to copy and paste into the address bar)

Travis: Derek’s the most emo person in our band…uh…he sits at home and plays the fiddle..an-and cries about his ex-girlfriend
Derek: I think I’d be more of the art student, im more of the (something in French)
Travis: I dunno who…I think, I think emo has been around forever
Sonny: like again, listen to simon and garfunkle man, that’s emo. Dashboard man..that
Travis: No man, I dunno, simon and garfunkle is like, like folk music, emo would be like…
Sonny: I dunno man
Travis: emo…emo would be like, uhh…
Sonny starts rambling
Derek: the smiths
Travis: yeah
Derek; the smiths …the thing is, the thing is bands have been singing love songs for as long as music has been around and..uh…I think kids have a shorter attention span now, and people that listen to music havea shorter attention span and I think, a bigger need to categorise things is why you have so many different kinds of music. Whereas in the 70s or 80s or even 90s there was still your 4 basic food groups of music. You know what I mean? and I think now like, kids needing a…needing to belong to things or whatever, trying to build a - or looking for their own unique - uniqueness, build these sub-genres of music, that are really no different than every other type of music, but it helps to have something that’s your own. So you get things like emo or whatever that are really no different types of music, they might have a few distinguishing characteristics, but for the most part - its just rock music you know? Its like ‘the smiths’ was like a what? A brit-pop pop band or a rock band, they could be am emo band you know? All they ever sing about is girls.
Travis: you know I think it goes back to what I said earlier about our record and first’s other bands records that we know (I think that what he said) First is mainstream records, it’s a fact that …only on this level is there ‘you’re only and emo band’ and you’re only this, dude listen to like ‘goo goo dolls’ that band has songs that sound punk rock that band has songs that sound like radio hits that band has EMO songs. They’re like a huge EMO band but they’re not *sonny yells simon and garfunkle* emo they’re just a band. They just they write music
Sonny: simon and garfunkle
Travis: ye-ri-you’re right sonny
Sonny: simon and garfunkle *nods and looks pleased with himself*


EDIT:- the link works without the '#' anyway

EDIT #2: Roe uploaded it on yousend it for anyone having trouble hearing/seeing it http://s47.yousendit.com/d.aspx?id=2DGZ7PPBI6DC71B0HDLTTKJBM9
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