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<3 . from . first . to . last . lovers . only . <3's Journal [entries|friends|calendar]
<3 . from . first . to . last . lovers . only . <3

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Roe, 18, Essex, England, bassist, singer, 18visions, fftl, poison the well ♥
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July 22nd 2006 @ 2:13pm]
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Custom FFTL / Google Homepage [
July 6th 2006 @ 1:44pm]


Click Me!

You can customize all the links and make it your homepage. If you get lost (or just don't get it) there's also an FAQ.

February 10th 2006 @ 1:41am]
I hope this is helpful to alot of you :)

From First To Last Share

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February 6th 2006 @ 6:58pm]

no posts in what...4 months

a song from heroine is available to stream on myspace or from epitaph as off tomorrow or thursday, i've had messages saying both

anyone going to the black clouds and underdogs tour...i am jealous...FOB, hawthorne heights, aar and FFTL
so any pics when it starts would be appreciated

November 1st 2005 @ 4:16pm]

[ mood | excited ]

Featuring: Dead Reckless, He is Legend, Haste the Day, and From First to Last

11/25 Charlotte, NC
11/26 Pittsburgh, PA
11/27 Buffalo, NY
11/29 New York City, NY
11/30 Providence, RI
12/01 Montreal, Canada
12/02 Toronto, Canada
12/03 Detroit, MI
12/04 Iowa City, IA
12/05 St. Louis, MS
12/07 Denver, CO
12/08 Salt Lake City, UT
12/10 Seattle, WA
12/11 Portland, OR
12/12 Orangevale, CA
12/13 San Francisco, CA
12/14 Los Angeles, CA

I'm SO going to Montreal. XD

2 [CMT]

New FFTL song! [
October 21st 2005 @ 5:35pm]

[ mood | bouncy ]

You can listen to the new christmas song.


Its really good!

1 [CMT]

October 20th 2005 @ 9:44pm]

[ mood | groggy ]

Heres some new tour dates.

From First To Last 10/31/2005 Los Angeles, CA
From First To Last 11/26/2005 Pittsburgh, PA
From First To Last 11/29/2005 New York, NY
From First To Last 12/02/2005 Toronto, Ontario

Dame! There's not any where I live! :(

I wounder what there going to do for a bassist?

5 [CMT]

Hey! [
October 18th 2005 @ 6:33pm]

[ mood | pleased ]

Names Lauren I'm 18 I like FFTL. As you would know seens I joined this club.
I've seen FFTL last live there very good and met Travis and Matt very nice guys.

Umm..some of my other fav bands are As I Lay Dying, Bleeding Through, From autumn to Ashes, Bright Eyes, converge, and so many more.

I don't really know what to say. lol

Lauren <33

4 [CMT]

October 17th 2005 @ 4:55pm]

[ mood | hungry ]

Umm... I just joined. I don't think anyone has been posting in ages, but maybe everyone will start coz of me!!! Lol. Nah.. Umm... hi... my name's Phylicia. I'm 13 turning 14 in 6 days!!! Woo hoo! I live in Sydney, Australia! YAY THE AUSSIES!!! Lol. Umm... I'll stop... Don't wanna bore you's.

2 [CMT]

October 3rd 2005 @ 7:02pm]

[ mood | accomplished ]

I'm sorry I've negelcted my own community - I feel so bad :(

I've completely re-done my site. I havn't got everything yet - i'm still working on some pre-made fftl lj layouts - but all the avatars & stuff are up. Put something about jon up on the first page too. [click here] Please take the time to go check it out and comment!

thankyou so much!

Roe xx

so erm [
September 26th 2005 @ 11:17am]

[ mood | sad ]

you've probably all read that jon was kicked out the band...
ive not read the whole thread over at fftl.net yet but im going to once this is posted...

2 [CMT]

September 7th 2005 @ 9:43pm]

it's been too long since anyone posted

due to lack of FFTL gossip i guess
hopefully the tour dates and shizz will be up soon, to keep us alive

you've probably already read the info shit on the new cd
if not...go to FFTL.net cause im not copying it


August 25th 2005 @ 3:17pm]

FROM FIRST TO LAST were on Steven's Untitlted Rock Show last night. I know it wasn't really a new episode (least it didn't seem like one) because when Steven was interviewing them they were still talking about how the Note To Self video wasn't out yet.

ANYWAY if anyone saw that episode last night and has a link to the streamed video could you PLEASE give it to me?

August 8th 2005 @ 5:50pm]

you've probably heard already but

1. FFTL are doing another christmas song called 'christmassacre'
2. fftl are recording a new album in september, apparently its half done already
3. fftl will be touring again in november

most of the info has been picked up from FFTL.net yup...so you've probably all heard it.
1 [CMT]

August 3rd 2005 @ 6:23pm]

[ mood | creative ]


get it while you can hoes xx

1 [CMT]

July 28th 2005 @ 6:54pm]

Note To Self Video

I want to make some screen caps.
5 [CMT]

July 28th 2005 @ 12:24am]

[ mood | apathetic ]



Please whore out the community whereever, Livejournal, myspazzle etc thanks!
3 [CMT]

i dont know if you've seen... [
July 27th 2005 @ 2:55pm]

[ mood | tired ]

there was a mini interview thing on dvd launch


that's the link
the girl that gave me the link said she couldn't hear it
so i typed it up for anyone that can't hear it
(the # is at the end of the link so you might need to copy and paste into the address bar)

Travis: Derek’s the most emo person in our band…uh…he sits at home and plays the fiddle..an-and cries about his ex-girlfriend
Derek: I think I’d be more of the art student, im more of the (something in French)
Travis: I dunno who…I think, I think emo has been around forever
Sonny: like again, listen to simon and garfunkle man, that’s emo. Dashboard man..that
Travis: No man, I dunno, simon and garfunkle is like, like folk music, emo would be like…
Sonny: I dunno man
Travis: emo…emo would be like, uhh…
Sonny starts rambling
Derek: the smiths
Travis: yeah
Derek; the smiths …the thing is, the thing is bands have been singing love songs for as long as music has been around and..uh…I think kids have a shorter attention span now, and people that listen to music havea shorter attention span and I think, a bigger need to categorise things is why you have so many different kinds of music. Whereas in the 70s or 80s or even 90s there was still your 4 basic food groups of music. You know what I mean? and I think now like, kids needing a…needing to belong to things or whatever, trying to build a - or looking for their own unique - uniqueness, build these sub-genres of music, that are really no different than every other type of music, but it helps to have something that’s your own. So you get things like emo or whatever that are really no different types of music, they might have a few distinguishing characteristics, but for the most part - its just rock music you know? Its like ‘the smiths’ was like a what? A brit-pop pop band or a rock band, they could be am emo band you know? All they ever sing about is girls.
Travis: you know I think it goes back to what I said earlier about our record and first’s other bands records that we know (I think that what he said) First is mainstream records, it’s a fact that …only on this level is there ‘you’re only and emo band’ and you’re only this, dude listen to like ‘goo goo dolls’ that band has songs that sound punk rock that band has songs that sound like radio hits that band has EMO songs. They’re like a huge EMO band but they’re not *sonny yells simon and garfunkle* emo they’re just a band. They just they write music
Sonny: simon and garfunkle
Travis: ye-ri-you’re right sonny
Sonny: simon and garfunkle *nods and looks pleased with himself*


EDIT:- the link works without the '#' anyway

EDIT #2: Roe uploaded it on yousend it for anyone having trouble hearing/seeing it http://s47.yousendit.com/d.aspx?id=2DGZ7PPBI6DC71B0HDLTTKJBM9
3 [CMT]

Venture warped tour [
July 25th 2005 @ 2:49pm]

i take way too many picturesCollapse )
8 [CMT]

July 25th 2005 @ 6:40pm]


FFTL pics from June 30th San DiegoCollapse )

21 [CMT]

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