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First off, this is a community for the entire band!
Post anything fftl related only. No links to other community unless they're
fftl related. ESPECIALLY none to ratings communities.
I hate them and me or Caron will kick your ass from here to next Sunday
if we see any more here. that being said...

» post anything about fftl, news,
graphics, links, vids, etc!
» introduce yourself!
» be active, not just a lurker - we don't bite!
» Promote us using the banners provided. Not mandatory, but
i might like you more if you do ;)
» "OMFZ! SONNY IS HOT SHIT!"- Post what you want but be aware
shit like that is often met with "shut up you n00b!" or just a short "STFU!".
just don't go overboard.
» Please Respect other people's friend's pages and use an lj-cut for
large images.

<lj-cut text="YOUR CUT TEXT">
Teh Shit

» Please refrain from txt language. it's hard for us educated
folk to read mm'kay?
» Lastly, this is not a rating community - I hate them. you shouldn't
need to be 'approved' by one of your 'peers' to get posting access.
I think they frankly suck and are normally run by complete cunts
that need a mirror themselves

Thats all. Join. Post. Have fun!


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